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The consistent, full time and proactive management of workplace injury claims is an indispensable part of the entire Health and Safety Program. Without this dedicated management aspect, a good Health and Safety Program is incomplete and will inevitably represent a wasteful cost to the Employer.

Given incentive programs within different Workers Compensation Administrations, the dedicated management of workplace injury claims can actually more than pay for itself with additional considerable payoffs for both Worker and Employer.

When an employee is off work due to an injury, the Safe-Tee Management’s Early Intervention Program enables that individual to take greater responsibility for his or her own swift recovery. Acting as an intermediary between the employer, the injured worker, the Workers Compensation Board, and the attending physician, our Claims Manager facilitates a productive dialogue around one common goal: helping the injured worker quickly and safely return to work, either in the job of injury or at an acceptable alternate job.

Workers recovering from injury or illness can return to work sooner by assuming lighter duties during their recovery period. Modified duty may be a transitional period that purposefully ramps up hours and workload until the worker is once again physically able to do his or her old job full-time. If it is determined that the worker will only achieve partial recovery, we can recommend equipment modifications to help the person continue performing that job.

Simultaneously, we'll help you explore the worker's transferable skills, looking at completely different jobs that the person can do — either short-term or long-term — and what training might be required.


We build relationships with the worker by:

  • Advocating return to work as the main objective
  • Identifying potential barriers to return to work
  • Explaining the rules and available resources
  • Providing expert support in communication with the employer and the physician

We build relationships with the employer by:

  • Reviewing the job analysis, and then comparing it to the worker's current circumstances
  • Researching the worker's options for new or modified duties
  • Explaining the physician's findings
  • Preparing a preliminary return-to-work plan that includes all available options
  • Providing expert support in communication with the worker and the physician

We build relationships with the physician by:

  • Conveying specific information about the injured worker's job
  • Facilitating discussions with the injured worker regarding his or her functional limitations
  • Discussing the injured worker's diagnosis and care plan
  • Presenting return-to-work plan options
  • Negotiating a specific return-to work clearance based on the employer's options and the worker's capabilities

Customer benefits

Safe-Tee Management’s Early Intervention Program helps you, the injured employee, the Workers Compensation Board and the physician work together as a team to transition the person back to work as quickly and safely as possible following an injury. By fostering open, positive dialogue between all parties and promoting increased employer involvement in the injured employee's recovery, our program reduces the impact of injury on the employee and provides for:

  • Earlier recovery and faster return to normal function for the worker — both at work and at home
  • Expedited care, as well as improved physician confidence in the safety of return-to-work plans, based on the objective information that we provide
  • Reduced possibility of complications related to the original injury or due to extended disability
  • Reduced claim costs for the employer
  • Enhanced individual and overall productivity as a result of the injured worker's faster recovery and return to work
  • Preservation of the worker's economic self-sufficiency and self-esteem
  • Greater awareness among all employees that the employer is concerned about their health, safety and well-being
  • Improved employee morale and retention

Our program consists of:

Development of the Company policy
The company policy should describe the philosophy of the program and each individual’s responsibility to the program.

Employee Package

  • Letter to employee outlining their duties and responsibilities under the employer’s Return to Work Program and WCB
  • A letter for their treating health care provider
  • A job demand analysis for the employee’s care giver
  • A medical assessment form
  • A medical release form
  • Health care provider Modified Work information form
  • Employee quick reference pamphlet


  • Injury Response information
  • Modified Work Procedures for Supervisors
  • Supervisor Checklist for Return to Work Program

Workers Compensation Board Information

  • Information sheet on claims
  • W1 and W2 forms

When a worker is injured or becomes ill due to a work related incident, we look after the entire process, from filling in the E1 to assisting the Supervisor with the process.

Julie Macfarlane, B Comm. has been Safe-Tee Management’s Claims Manager for over 8 years. Julie has assisted numerous workers in returning to meaningful work and has saved employers time and resources.

To date, Julie has assisted employers in saving over 1,000,000.00 dollars in compensation payments by returning workers to a lite duties program, evaluating cost statements for errors and successfully advocating on behalf of the employer when the claim is not legitimate. 

What We Do

  • Receive report of injury
  • File the employer E1
  • Send Return to Work package to the employee
  • Fax Return to Work assessment to the employee’s health care provider if required
  • Contact worker on a frequent basis to monitor their progress
  • Monitor the employers WCB cost statement for errors, coding mistakes and waiting times
  • Contact WCB on behalf of the employer if mistakes are found
  • Contact WCB on the behalf of the worker & employer if waiting times for treatment or assessments are excessive
  • Contact WCB to expedite the development of the RTW program
  • Act as the employer advocate
  • Assist the supervisors in monitoring the workers RTW progress-act as a resource and link to the WCB if problems are encountered
  • Develop and submit appeals to the WCB

At SAFE-TEE MANAGEMENT we have skilled, trained and experienced personnel who can provide this service for your organization. Navigating Workers Compensation laws and regulations can be a daunting task. Experts can streamline the process.

Let us show you how we can start saving you money-now.