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Safe-Tee Management is committed to providing quality, professional services. Few companies can offer the array of services we offer our clients. We specialize in “high hazard” occupations. We are able to walk you through what can be an intimidating process. We pride ourselves in our work. We want to establish long-term working relationships, which are mutually beneficial. We offer a wide variety of services to our clients and their employees.

By hiring Safe-Tee Management to assist you in managing your safety concerns and issues, your costs decrease in comparison to hiring an in-house staff. For example:

  • TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE. Safe-Tee Management provides fully trained staff, each with their own area of expertise. All programs, seminars, training, are carried out under the direction of Shirley Galloway, RN, and N.P.
  • RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT. Often, our clients require answers to problems specific to their own companies. These problems require specific, customized solutions. We research and develop programs to assist employers to implement these solutions.
  • SEMINARS AND CONFERENCES. We are available to assist employers in getting the message across. We offer management training for safety issues, and other seminars and conferences as required. See the whole list for details.
  • CONTINUING EDUCATION. Even though all of the people associated with Safe-Tee Management are fully trained, we bear the costs of continuing education. We feel this is necessary in order to stay abreast of industry issues, and to better serve your company.