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Why the Sono-Custom is the Best Hearing Protection

You can wear them 100% of the time, ensuring protection.

The only hearing protector adjusted to your noise exposure level on site.

You can hear people talk and hear warning signals too.

Individually fitted to your ear.

The noise reduction of each Sono-Custom is measured and documented.

Easy to insert for a perfect fit.

Can be worn with your other safety equipment.

Eliminating Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Frequently Asked Questions

What is toxic noise?
Toxic noise is any type of noise above 85dB. Exposure can result in hearing loss. You must wear your SonoCustom every time you are in toxic noise to prevent hearing loss. Remember, once you damage your hearing, it will never come back.

Will things sound different with my SonoCustom?
Yes.You will hear certain sounds that you did not hear before with other protectors. This is a good sign because now, communication will be clearer, warning signals will be heard and you will be able to locate sound sources.

How will I know that I am protected?
Your SonoCustom is custom fitted to YOUR ear and calibrated to YOUR workplace noise. Follow the instructions carefully and they will be effective. Consult your report for written proof of effectiveness.

Can I wear my SonoCustom outside of the workplace?
Always protect yourself from toxic noise but remember, your SonoCustom is calibrated to your work environment. Please consult company policy before taking your SonoCustom home.

How long will my SonoCustom last?
The expected life of your SonoCustom hearing protectors is three years as long as you take care of them. SonoPassTM which drives the fitting process, confirms the acoustic seal, calibrates the level of sound attenuation achieved and records the results.

This safety product has been made for you!